Trainee Placements

For educational institutes or companies outside of Turkey:

TRIADA assists you with placement, accommodation and training of your students or exchange employees in Antalya and can be your partner in ERASMUS+ or other projects. We prefer to host groups so that training and tutoring can be organised more effectively and economically. 

For Turkish students in the agricultural sector:

TRIADA cooperates with a local agricultural expert and

in the Netherlands to offer an all inclusive package for Turkish students in the agricultural sector. The package includes workplacements of min. 90 days in accredited work placement companies in the Netherlands, visa arrangements, monthly stage fee, housing, tutoring, etc. Please contact us if you want to know more about the conditions and prices.

For Turkish companies or hotels:

TRIADA cooperates with European schools and a Turkish-Dutch expert in the areas of tourism and agriculture and can find suitable (international) trainees or employees for your hotel or company. After preparing a job description based on your criteria, we will spread it in our national and international networks and among our pool of candidates. We will send you a short-list of CV's and you can choose most suitable candidate for your hotel or company. 

For European students or starting employees:

Are you interested in a work placement in Antalya? We have a broad network of work placement companies especially in the tourism and agricultural/ equestrian sectors. TRIADA offers the following service package. Upon wish more company visits or services can be added:

  • Connect you to a suitable company/ hotel
  • Practical info package about the life in Antalya
  • Introduction workshop
  • Company visit
  • Local assistance by our Dutch consultant
  • Certificate after a successfully concluded placement