Children of the World Meet Antalya

Client: TRIADA Consultancy

Reference number: NA

When: 15.08.2016 – 30.09.2016

Subject & TRIADA's role: Although Antalya is known as Turkey's "tourism capital", when you visit museums and souvenir shops, you can find magnets, puzzles, etc. but there aren’t any materials showing the stories of the city for children who are considered to be one of the most important actors influencing family vacation decisions and who will be the travellers of tomorrow. For this reason, a project was developed where 7 different children-friendly story books describing the epic and legendary sites of the province were designed and translated into 5 languages. It was distributed by the governorship, local municipalities, Antalya International Airport and several hotel chains. TRIADA designed and managed the project.

Total Budget: 966.584,20 TL

Fund: Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Promotion Fund, 749.999,20 TL

“Women at Work, Women with Strength” Panel Report

Client: Kepez Municipality,

Reference number: NA

When: 30.05.2012 - 01.06.2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: A panel combined with a workshop that aimed at tackling women employment was organised by Kepez Municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. During the panel, the role of women in the labour market and ways to increase women employment were discussed. TRIADA assisted the workshops and prepared the panel report.

Total Budget: NA

Fund: Kepez Municipality