2011 World Chambers Competition

Client: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO)

Reference number: NA

When: 2011

Subject & TRIADA's role: ALTSO applied for the 2011 World Chambers Competition under the category of “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project”. Among 72 applications from 41 countries, the “Continuing Education Center” was selected as one of the 5 finalists. TRIADA prepared the application dossier and made the live presentation of the project during the 7th World Chambers Congress in Mexico City, 8-10 June 2011.

Total Budget: NA

Fund: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO)


Client: Europen Centre for Eco Agro Tourism (ECEAT), www.eceat.nl

Reference number: ECO/09/256189

When: November 2010 – November 2013

Subject: Sustainability in tourism can only be achieved if tourism suppliers, tour operators and Eco-label collaborate with each other. European tour operator associations recently introduced a sustainable management and assessment system among their members, called Travelife. This, in combination with the introduction of the EU Eco-label for accommodations provides a breaking opportunity to implement joint approaches and actions between the travel sector and EU sustainability instruments.

The INTOUR project aims to integrate the voluntary environmental and certification instruments of the EU in the travel industry. The commitment of 11 major European travel associations and leading tour operators guarantees an effective way to increase the share of “sustainable products” within the tourism market. The market led approach ensures a European wide implementation of sustainability standards and tools among 12.000 hotels. This will increase the amount of EU Eco-label/ Travelife certified hotels all over Europe. Specific emphasis is put on 3 pilot destinations; Turkey, Austria and Italy. The contracted hotels of tour operators are motivated towards certification through a common approach by tour operators, the EU Eco-label competent bodies and if possible local certification schemes. In Turkey, Alanya is the pilot destination and the coordination is carried out by ALTSO and TRIADA.

Total budget: 1.600.000 €

Fund: EU Competitiveness&Innovation Programme, Eco-Innovation Grant Scheme, 800.000 €

The Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

Client: Netherlands Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR),www.anvr.travel

Reference number: NA

When: September 2010 – November 2013

Subject: The main purpose of the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (www.duurzamehandel.com/en/tourism), is to integrate sustainability into commodity supply chains from emerging markets which are sold to Western Europe. Tourism is one of the eight focus areas. Eight Dutch tour operators are working with the ANVR and IDH to increase the sustainability of tourist destinations in Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Thailand and Brazil. Their accommodations are stimulated to introduce ‘Travelife’, an international sustainability system developed by the sector for the sector.

For Turkey, the 2010 aim was to identify and bring together key stakeholders and hotels from major tourism destinations for meetings on why and how to implement sustainability principles into accommodation businesses. The meetings that were organised in Istanbul in September and in Antalya and Alanya in November, also got the interest from other relevant stakeholders like the Turkish government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations for giving input for future projects to tackle the identified bottle necks in sustainability. The project is implemented by ANVR. TRIADA is responsible for the organisation of the meetings and communication in Turkey. This project and the INTOUR project will be integrated from 2011 onwards.

Fund: Dutch government, 725.000 €

Exchange Dutch Hospitality students & teachers to Antalya

Client: Kenwerk, www.kenwerk.nl

Reference number: WPT/proj/2010/10012

When: 25 September – 8 October 2011

Subject & TRIADA's role: Within the frame of 'Wereldproeftuinen' - a Dutch funded programme to improve the quantity and quality of work placements - 6 students and 3 teachers from the 3 biggest vocational training centres of the Netherlands will come to Antalya from 25 Sept. - 8 Oct. The objectives are to create an orientation programme for future students to be better prepared for a work placement in Turkey and to establish cooperation with the Turkish partner school for future Leonardo da Vinci projects. TRIADA is responsible for the organisation and coordination of both logistics and the programme content.

Total budget: 24.000 €

Fund: Wereldproeftuinen, 24.000 €

Dutch-Turkish Mounted Police Training of Trainers Project

Client: Antalya Special Police Forces, www.antalya.pol.tr

Reference number: MAT08/TR/8/12

When: March 2009 – March 2010

Subject: Writing of and consultancy within a MATRAflex project to create partnership with the Dutch Police for training and development of the Turkish Mounted Police and the exchange of good practices. 26 cadets from the mounted police of Antalya, Izmir and Ankara were selected to receive 5 trainings from the Dutch Mounted Police head trainer and an assistant. Each training lasted a week and took place in Antalya and received a lot of attention from officials and the media. Included was also a study visit to the Netherlands in which the cadets had a chance to observe the mounted police practice over there. The training was concluded with the handing out of certificates to the cadets that successfully carried out the training and a mounted police training guide adapted to the local situation.

Fund: Dutch Min. of Foreign Affairs, MATRA pre-accession projects program (MPAP), 92.000 €

Horticultural Matchmaking Mission

Clients: The Hague CoC, www.kvk.nl & Dutch embassy Ankara www.nlankagr.com

Reference number: CPA81A

When: February – December 2008

Subject: Organization of 150 matchmaking meetings for 23 Dutch horticultural companies in Antalya during the incoming trade mission under the auspices of Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Heemskerk.

Funds: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs & ABN AMRO Bank

Mediterranean Business Partneria, www.mbp2008.com

Client: Turset

When: May 2008

Subject & TRIADA's role: Recruitment of 300 international companies from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe for the Mediterranean Business Partneria, an international company matchmaking event in Antalya.

Funds: Istanbul World Trade Centre, DEIK, TIKA, private sector