How well you(th) know the EU?

Client: Antalya Center of Support for EU Studies Association,

Reference number: TR-51-E61-2013-R2

When: 01.08.2013 – 31.07.2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project aimed to discuss core values of the EU within the framework of Copenhagen Criteria. This in order to raise awareness of youngsters towards European Citizenship and develop a youth-friendly tool to be used with youth groups for getting to know the fundamentals of the EU. 40 youngsters from 8 countries participated in the project. TRIADA designed the project and co-managed it with the Association.

Total Budget: 66.200 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 49.650 €

Go Online!

Client: Young Leaders Association,

Reference number: TR-43-E129-2013-R2

When: 01.08.2013 – 01.04.2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: A training course for those active in youth work and youth organisations. It gathered 30 people from 6 different youth organisations from 6 different programme countries (Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia and Poland). Social media is the most effective – and cheapest – media channel of today’s world. It unites business development, market, PR, stakeholder and target group relations within its body. Thus, the main objective was to provide a training course that combined theory and practice in order to develop the knowledge, skills and experience of youngsters on how to use social media effectively for youth work. Another added value of the project was helping participants gain social media management skills that increased their employability since it's a rising sector for various companies and organisations nowadays. TRIADA designed the project.

Total Budget: 29.832 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 24.597 €

Act for the Environment!

Client: Kirmizi Kalem Tiyatro Genclik Grubu (Kırmızı Kalem Theatre Youth Group),

When: 01.05.2013 – 01.12.2013

Subject & TRIADA's role: This was an international youth project between 4 art/ theatre groups from Turkey, Germany and Italy. It aimed to raise awareness of youngsters towards critical global environmental issues such as climate change and global warming. Moreover, it aimed to get attention of youngsters towards increasing waste generation by human beings. It also assisted them to develop an "environmental-friendly" approach. For this, 10-weeks-long the "green drama workshops" were organised for 20 students. Plus, an "international green youth camp" was organised with 20 youngsters from 4 countries. TRIADA designed the project.

Total budget: 17.950 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 12.870 €

Recycle & Keep Our World Young

Client: Antalya Rotary Club,

Reference number: TR-12-E25-2013-R1

When: 01/022013 - 31/08/2013

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project “Recycle! & Keep Our World Young!” was initiated by Antalya Rotary Club in cooperation with the Antalya Rotaract Club, the Kepez City Council and our Hungarian partner with broad experience on youth projects, environment and sustainability. Its main goals were increasing awareness about recycling and methods for reducing paper, plastic and metal use among the 15-30 years old members of the youth council of the Kepez city council.

TRIADA designed the project.

Total budget: 12.184,80 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme

Youth Discussing The European Employment Strategy

Client: Kepez Municipality,

When: 01.08.2012 – 01.07.2013

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project aimed to increase young people’s active participation in the decision making process about unemployment and develop young participants’ understanding of European Citizenship. Young participants were encouraged to have a say and affect the decisions which are decided for their and their societies’ future with this project.

To reach this aim, an international seminar with 35 young participants from 7 EU Programme Countries’ (Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta and Turkey) was held in Antalya and young people came together with representatives of the decision-making mechanisms to discuss Employability, Entrepreneurship, Adaptability and Equal Opportunities which are the 4 titles of European Employment Strategy.

TRIADA co-managed the project and gave the trainings.

Total budget: 61.000 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 45.750 €

The First Step in Entrepreneurship

Client: JCI Antalya,

Reference number: TR-12-E123-2012-R1

When: September-December 2012

Subject: “The first step to Entrepreneurship” project included trainings and workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation between Junior Chamber International (JCI) Antalya Branch, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Science with Engineering Faculty and Young Effect Association in Italy. It lasted 4 months. There were 6 Turkish participants and 4 Italian participants.

Some activities were;

Training about "what is entrepreneurship and innovation? How to overcome the barriers to entrepreneurship, How to prepare a business plan, Strategic planning and business development, Designing the future". The trainings aimed to change participants’ ideas about entrepreneurship by breaking their prejudices. With the help of workshops their ideas were solidified and business plan preparation trainings were given in line with these ideas. With the best business contest, it aimed young people with different education and experience to formulate their ideas via group works. Examples of foreign entrepreneurship were examined with visits of 6 participants to Italy with the aim of finding a chance to fulfill it in Turkey.

Total budget: 11.300 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 10.300,00 €

Youth in the steps of UN Millennium Development Goals

Client: JCI Turkey,

Reference number: TR-51-68-2011-R5

When: 1 February till 1 October 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project aimed at developing awareness about the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals in different cities of Turkey. 30 participants from Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Ankara, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Sakarya, Muğla, Diyarbakır, Nevşehir, Antalya, Izmir and Samsun  joined. Each city send an NGO and a university representative.

First a one day meeting was held to get to know the participants and give information about the project.

Then there were four seminars with experts in different cities about the UN Millennium Development Goals. During one week in April various workshops were given in Istanbul in which the UN Millennium Development Goals were explained in detail and a relation with daily life was made. In addition, there was a town hall meeting about social inclusion, active citizenship and youth voluntarism.

During the workshops all participants designed a project related to the UN goals, tailor made for their own cities. After that there was a project fair in which the projects were presented to the public and media in combination with a closing ceremony.

TRIADA designed the project in cooperation with the client.

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 48.877,50 €

Clean, Create, Act!

Client: Lara Ritim Youth Group,

Reference number: TR-12-791-2011-R5

When: 15 February - 15 July 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project name tells it all:

* Clean: Raise awareness among youngsters to be environment-aware and -friendly. For this 20 free of charge recycling & art workshops were organised in the Lara in which information about the "ugly truth" is given to youngsters. The participants discussed the state of recycling in the world and its status in Turkey and the European Union with participants of the Italian project partner.

* Create: Inspire youngsters by teaching them basic artistic skills, and turn waste materials such as plastic bottles, cans, etc. into art works. Hence, they gained new skills and discover their artistic potential.

* Act: This project was just a start. The youngsters got to know opportunities to create projects and act themselves.  Moreover, active partnership with the Italian partner "Young Effect Association" developed the intercultural experiences of participants, while motivating them to act together.

The project was finalised with a closing exhibition of the artworks and ceremony. During the project its visibility was guaranteed with press news, a project film, Facebook, Twitter pages, etc. TRIADA designed the project in cooperation with the client.

Total budget: 9.620 €

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 7.370 € 

Boomerang - From Youth to Youth

Clients: City Dynamics Group & Dosemealti Municipality,

Reference number: TR-1.2-426-2010-R3

When: November 2010 - July 2011

Subject: The main goal of this project was to establish an “educational bridge” between students from the Akdeniz University and high school students aged between 15-20 living in Dosemealti and facing economic disadvantages. 50 university students gave trainings on topics such as foreign languages, mathematics, geometry, classical guitar, theater, arts, etc. in order to support 150 youngsters for university entry exams. Besides, they contributed to career development of these youngsters by career introduction days, “at the campus” events to introduce them to the campus life and other social activities. TRIADA wrote this project voluntarily within the principle of corporate social responsibility.

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 10.400 €

Just Have a Look Back!

Client: Creative Crazy Girls Group,

Reference number: TR 12-79-2010-R1

When: 2010

Subject & TRIADA's role: Several colourful workshops were given within this project, which was written voluntarily by the TRIADA team and granted by the Turkish National Agency. Next to university students, also children and locals, international students and handicapped youth showed their creativity by making art works with waste materials.

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 5.400 €

Create Your Own Recycling Box!

Client: Junior Chamber International (JCI) Antalya Branch,

Reference number: TTR0703.01-03\47

When: July - December 2010

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project “Create Your Recycling Box” was initiated by Junior Chamber International Antalya in cooperation with Akdeniz University and the Young Effect Association from Magenta, a city in Italy with broad experience on sustainability. Its main goals were increasing awareness about recycling and methods for reducing paper, plastic and metal use, living more energy conscious at the university and at home in a creative and innovative way and as such learn that waste does not have to be always “trash” but can also be regained and turned into artistic or useful objects. After participation in the project and recycle box competition, the students and members of JCI Antalya were stimulated to discuss this item with other students and share their awareness gained within the project. The international partner "Young Effect Association" from Italy with a lot of experience in raising awareness for recycling and waste reduction in their municipality assisted with the organisation with the workshops. The project associates were Akdeniz University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, TRIADA Consultancy, ANKE, IRA Art Atelier. TRIADA wrote this project voluntarily according to the principle of social responsibility.

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 8.710 €

Your Skills, Our Support

Client: Antalya Police Force Youth and Sports Club,

Reference number: TR12-622-2009-R4

When: 2009

Subject & TRIADA's role: A project written by TRIADA for the development of social, cultural and sportive skills of youngsters coming from migrant-receiving regions of Antalya. During 3 months 33 youngsters received interactive field hockey trainings. The trainings were innovative as they also focused on skills such as leadership and sport health with an overall aim to increase personal skills and develop responsibility of the participants.

Fund: EU Youth in Action Programme, 17.000 €


Clients: Kayi Group, Activelife, Karya Events & FISHEC International

Reference numbers: 04-5/124-TUR & TR-511-1-2005-R1

When: 2005 - 2007

Subject & TRIADA's role: Writing and coordination of Cool2Know, in which local youth and mass tourists had a chance to meet and do 'cool' activities together inside and outside the big hotels.

Funds: EU Youth in Action Programme, 35.000 € & Dutch Embassy, 2.500 €