Sustainability Training and Assessment in the Tourism Sector  SUSTOUR

Client: TRIADA,

Reference number: 2013-1-TR1-LEO05-47591

When: 06/12/2013 – 29/02/2016

Subject & TRIADA's role: This project introduced CSR in the vocational knowledge and competences of current and future European travel professionals working in the Tour operator & Travel agents sector and their supply chain and transferred an established and innovative CSR training and assessment system (Travelife) collaboratively developed by UK and Dutch tourism stakeholders to Turkey, Bulgaria, France and Ireland.

The consortium consisted of:

1.Exporting partner: developers of the sector wide CSR training and award system Travelife.

2.Importing partners: national travel associations (target group) aiming to support their members in CSR, training and project management partners.

VET institutes in each country were involved to also deliver the training to their students.

In the short term, project results contributed to reducing the skills gaps in the labour market by enabling travel associations and VET institutes to offer CSR training and assessment, and support tourism companies to include CSR in their business models.

In the long run, this project improves the tourism sector’s professional capacities to minimise their environmental, economic and social impacts, and change habits and attitudes of travel companies’ employees and tourism VET students towards society. Establishing strong and active links between the initial VET sector and trade associations, the project improved the quality and effectiveness of education and training in both fields.

TRIADA was project applicant and together with ECEAT managed the project.

Total Budget: 369.562 €

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 277.170 €

From School to Training - Entry to the next Phase, StepBeyond

Client: Zukunftsbau GmbH,

Reference Number: 2012-1-DE2-LEO04-11731 8

When: 2012-2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: A Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project with 11 partners from 5 different countries about prevention of early school leavers via exchange of good practices and experiences of education institutes, municipalities and companies. These will be used for supporting the transition between school and work for young people (pupils) with fewer job prospects. TRIADA was partner in the international consortium and responsible for the implementation in Antalya.

Total Budget: 260.000 €

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, 260.000 €

Quality Assurance of Foreign Placements in Europe,

Client: AEQUOR,

Reference number: 2012-1-NL1-LEO05-08712

When: 2012-2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: A Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation project on improving the quality of agricultural work placements/ internships via accreditation of host companies. TRIADA is partner in an international consortium consisting of 8 partners from 5 different countries.

An accreditation model for placement companies and a network of accreditation agencies will be developed. TRIADA will become the accreditation agency for Turkish agricultural companies that want to host international trainees. Ultimate goal is a European label for companies that fulfill all requirements for a high quality international internship.

Total Budget: 390.681 €

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 290.440 €

EU Move 4 VET Learners,

Client: KENWERK,

Reference number: 2012-1-NL1-LEO001-08907

When: 2012-2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: A Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project with 11 partners from 10 different countries. The project aims to improve the EU-Move system for students, work placement companies and VET schools and clarify the role of intermediate companies. This will improve the overall quality of international internships/ work placements.

TRIADA is responsible for the implementation in Turkey.

Total Budget: 163.398 €

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, 163.398 €

Dutch Turkish Stage Project

Clients: Dutch National Bodies for Vocational Education & Training centres, Dutch vocational education schools and universities & &

Reference numbers: Various

When: 2006 - ongoing

Subject & TRIADA's role: Set up and coordination of first long term project to connect young Dutch professionals with companies & hotels for traineeships in Turkey, Antalya and accompany them intensively during the work placement.

Funds: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci Mobility, Dutch Government, Companies, ECABO

Development of Professional Knowledge, Skills and Experience of Vocational Students via Internship Programs in the EU

Client: Dosemealti Municipality,

Reference number: 2011-1-TR1-LEO01-26615

When: September 2011 – July 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: This projecttargeted 45 vocational high school students of 16-17 years old facing economic and social disadvantages. It helped them to strengthen their professional capacity by on site observing and experiencing the working culture in another country. The students carried out a 4 week work placement in Italy and the Netherlands after completion of a language, pedagogic and cultural preparation. 6 teachers from the partner schools Antalya Organized Industry Zone Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Antalya Anatolian Medical Vocational High School, and Dosemealti Female Technical and Vocational High School located in Dosemealti will accompany the students. TRIADA designed the project and found suitable international partners.

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, 106.321 €

UP4Downkids, Uniting Parents for children with Down syndrome

Client: Downkids International,

Reference number: A5315BE38FBBF45B

When: 2011 - 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: Partner organisations from The Netherlands,Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania that represent the interests of Children with Down syndrome aimed to empower the parents, caretakers and relevant therapists of children with Down syndrome (DS) via education and support groups. The participating countries were all in a different stage of educating the parents so it was interesting for them to experience how other countries are dealing with the issue.

• The starting point was to (further) develop parent groups on a local and national level and giving the parents additional support in transnational seminars. Members of parent groups, caretakers and the therapists of their children with DS got together and exchanged experience and good practices.

• The parents followed training(s) together with the physiotherapist/ caretaker of their child. They were educated in using an innovative method for measuring and treating children with Down syndrome – Basic Motoric Skills (BMS) instrument. And they got access to other information e.g. speech training, special education , Sensory Integration Training and training with horses.

• The knowledge and the good practices was passed on to other parents (via documentation and workshops) via local parent groups. An (inter)national expertise centre for parents (and other concerning parties) on DS is an outcome of the project.

• An awareness campaign for the general public at the same time strengthened the position of children with DS and their parents ultimately resulting in improved quality of life.

Fund: EU Life Long Learning Programme, Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, 93.000 €

Study visit Dutch hospitality teachers to Antalya

Client: Kenwerk,

Reference number: NL/10/llp-LdVVETPRO123072

When: 4-10 March 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: This study visit of two hospitality teachers of different schools was organised by TRIADA in the framework of EU Move, a mobility programme for giving hospitality students the possibility to do their work placement abroad.

The main aim was to research what are the needs of the involved professionals in the preparation of the student exchange.

The sub objectives were:

  • to compare the Dutch and Turkish qualifications in vocational training
  • to assess the English language training in hospitality sector
  • to check if Turkish companies are willing to host Dutch students for their work placement
  • to check the conditions of work placements of Dutch trainees in Turkish companies.

Total budget: 1.800 €

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, 1.800 €

Study visit Dutch Alliance

Client: Dutch Alliance,

When: March 2008

Subject & TRIADA's role: Co-organisation of a study visit for 30 Dutch vocational training teachers during which the Turkish business culture and experiences with placement of trainees in Turkey was explained.

Fund: EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci