Client: Antalya Center of Support for EU Studies Association,

Reference number: TR2011/0135.15-07/28

When: 15.02.2016 - 14.02.2017

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project aimed at developing sustainable cooperation between Turkish and European NGOs working on youth entrepreneurship; empowering young peopleto develop entrepreneurial skills; strengthening the professional capacity of trainers/ youth workers; disseminating the experiences of real-world entrepreneurs; promoting EU tools, opportunities and sources on entrepreneurship; enabling exchange of best practices and developing tools and policies to extend entrepreneurship education in higher education and universities. A creative, interactive and youth-friendly entrepreneurship training module, a board game and a mobile application based on experiential learning were developed for the first time in Turkey and the EU. TRIADA designed and co-managed the project.

Total Budget: 166.465,25 €

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue - IV Enterprise and Industrial Policy Programme, 149.818,73 €

Media Bridges

Client: Antalya Journalists Association,

Reference number: TR2010/0135.01-02/051

When: 15.10.2014 - 15.08.2015

Subject & TRIADA's role: The general objective of the project was to promote mutual exchange of experiences and establish a sustainable network between media CSOs in Turkey and the EU in order to strengthen their cooperation. The project also aimed at contributing to development of the professional capacity media workers in the Western Mediterranean and Bavaria Regions. For this, an EU training module was developed and implemented for 50 media workers in Turkey; networking platforms for journalists and media CSOs were established and mutual exchanges were realised. TRIADA designed and co-managed the project.

Total Budget: 157.981,22 €

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue - III Media Programme, 142.183,10 €

Open Up Your Chambers, Open Up Your Members

Client: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Reference number: TR0135.03/02

When: 4 December 2012 - 4 March 2014

Subject & TRIADA's role: The overall objective was to establish long term partnerships between Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey and the EU which strengthened mutual understanding, promoted exchange of knowledge and expertise regarding business practices, raised awareness of both parties towards the opportunities and challenges of Turkey's future membership to the EU. The specific objectives were to:

  • establish a Commerce Portal that introduces the recent legislative changes by the Turkish Commercial Code in line with adoption to the business-related Acquis,
  • promote web-presence of companies,
  • support clustering,    
  • enable online matchmaking between Turkish and European companies,  
  • foster new trade and investment opportunities and            
  • promote SME development;
  • transfer know-how and experience with European counterparts for developing this system;     
  • develop service capacity of project parties;           
  • benefit from each other's knowledge for establishing an effective international network over this system;      
  • promote internationalisation of project parties and their member companies, thus to contribute at the integration of the business world in Turkey and the EU.

In close cooperation with ALTSO, TRIADA designed the project and established the international partnership.

Total budget: 171.371,20 €

Fund:  EU Civil Society Dialogue - EU & Turkish Chambers Forum-II: EU - Turkey Chambers Partnership Programme, 149.092,94 €

ALTSO Voc-Test Centre: Standards at Work, Quality in Business

Client: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO),

Reference number: TR0702.13-03/87

When: March 2011 – January 2013

Subject: This project contributed to the establishment of testing and certification systems that match with the requirements and needs of the labour market for the hotel sector, promotes personal and vocational development to enhance the quality of the sector and strengthens the National Qualifications System (NQS) in order to harmonize with European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Within this project the ”ALTSO Voc-Test Centre” was established; the TURKAK “Personnel Certification Accreditation” and VQA “Testing and Certification” authorization were obtained for housekeeping and front desk employees; standards for three professions (front desk level 2 housekeeping level 3 & 4) are prepared and placed within the National Qualifications System (NQS) exams and evaluation criteria for floor manager level 6, front desk manager level 6, laundry staff level 2 are prepared and 90 housekeeping and front desk employees of hotels attend a testing and certification process that leads to certification of their professional knowledge & skills.

The final goal was that ALTSO would become a leader organisation in the region for developing and fulfilling occupational qualifications and an increased awareness of stakeholders in tourism of the National Qualification System.

TRIADA designed and supported the project.

Total budget: 280.650 €

Fund: European Commission VOC-Test Centres Programme, 252.585 €

The Euro-Turkish Banana Connection

Client: Alanya Banana Producers Union,

Reference number: TR0703.01-02-246

When: 2011 – 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: In this project 30 banana producers and 6 traders were trained in Alanya in order to extend the shelf life of local bananas and make them become more competitive in the market. The trainings were held in accordance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and ISO 22.000 standards. The participants received GAP and ISO certificates and this created a basis for GlobalGAP standards. In addition, a delegation visited the Canarian Islands, a leading producer in the European market and best practices in banana production were exchanged between the two regions. TRIADA found the international partner and wrote the project in coordination with all stakeholders.

Total Budget: 113.680 €

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue-II, Agriculture & Fisheries Programme, 102.312 €

Fun with My Puppets, Learn with My Teachers

Client: Pozanti Municipality,

Reference number: TR0801.06-03/279

When: October 2010 – October 2011

Subject: This project aimed to: Establish a pre-school education centre for 36-60 months aged children in Pozantı County in Adana; implement a training model based on the combination of formal and non-formal education via puppet drama; educate a pilot group of 45 children in this centre; raise awareness of the parents about the development of their child(ren); increase the professional capacity of pre-school teachers from this centre and the neighbouring villages; establish a Mobile Puppet Bus in order to give information about the topic and provide free support from a specialist to the neighbouring villages and counties.

Fund: EU Strengthening Pre-school Education Programme, 82.507 €

EU & Turkey Through Press Eyes

Client: Antalya Journalists Association,

Reference number: TR0703.01-03\92

When: December 2010 – April 2011

Subject & TRIADA's role: The main goal was to evaluate the EU-Turkey relations objectively, share experience between EU Member States and civil societies in Turkey, strengthen the dialogue and establish a sustainable network and co-operation thanks to two effective media associations in the EU and Turkey. A panel, strategy meeting and an exhibition with media articles about EU-Turkey relations in German and Turkish press for the past 50 years were organised. The project partners were Nurnberg Press Club and Antalya EU Center and the project was also supported by the Ankara University European Research Center who provided the articles for the exhibition.

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue - II Programme, 4.962 €

Networking between NGOs and business institutions and employees

Client: Junior Chamber International (JCI) Antalya Branch,

Reference number: TR0703.01-03\42

When: 2010

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project aimed to exchange networking methods in Turkey and the EU in order to develop networks and increase cooperation between NGOs and the business world. A series of activities such as panel meeting, NGO presentations, mini-survey studies, networking training and practices were organised. The project partners were JCI Portugal and the Antalya EU Centre.

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue - II Programme, 4.984 €

Being Disabled in Turkey and the EU

Client: Antalya Volunteers Association

Reference Number: TR0703.01-03\47

When: 2010

Subject & TRIADA's role: The project written by TRIADA, aimed to enable exchange of experience and knowledge between NGOs that focus on disabled individuals on activities, their effects and successes in this field. Also it fostered communication between Turkish and European NGOs and raised awareness about organisation of disabled individuals in the civil society. A conference meeting and a fair hosting NGOs working for disabled individuals was organised. The project partners were the Antalya Branch of the Turkish Handicap Association and the European Turkish Handicap Association.

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue - II Programme, 4.961 €

Press Academy Antalya

Client: Antalya Association of Journalists,

Reference number: TR0604.01-02/023

When: July 2008 – November 2009

Subject & TRIADA's role: Writing and coordination of a project to establish a sustainable international network between media organisations in the EU and Turkey and develop the professional capacity of local media workers via a certificated training programme. The project was implemented by Antalya Association of Journalists and the project partners were Press Now from the Netherlands, Akdeniz University, Akdeniz Press Foundation, Antalya Support For EU Studies Association.

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue Programme, 156.000 €

Young Seedlings Overcome Big Handicaps

Clients: Akdeniz University, & Youth & Sports Association of Special Sportsmen,

Reference number: TR0501.02-02-086

When: 2007- 2008

Subject & TRIADA's role: Finding international partners and writing a project to enable mentally handicapped youth to develop various skills, find international partners and assist with the coordination of the project. The project was implemented by Youth & Sports Association of Special Sportsmen and the project partners were Drumlinhouse (Ireland), Baser (Bulgaria), COOSS MARCHE (Italy) and Sport Club for Wheelchair Handicapped Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue Programme, 85.762 €